Houston, TX

About Caring Hands Pet Hospice

Caring Hands Pet Hospice provides premiere and compassionate end-of-life care to pets in Harris County and all adjacent counties.

Our Mission

Caring Hands Pet Hospice strives to provide pets and their families with the most comfortable, fear-free, compassionate, and dignified end-of-life care while honoring the human-animal bond. We will dedicate our lives to ensure that each voiceless animal charged in our care will have a voice, a translator, and a prized fighter in their corner to protect them during their most vulnerable time. Each pet family’s wishes will be honored, and they will be given the tools to best care for their terminally ill or aging pets. Most importantly, their ending days will be as pain-free as possible, and we will ensure each pet has a truly, beautiful (euthanasia = beautiful death), peaceful last day. Lastly, we swear to uphold our sworn veterinary oath, follow laws regarding veterinary practice, and continue to grow our knowledge in the ever-advancing field of veterinary medicine.

Caring Hands Pet Hospice

Caring Hands Pet Hospice provides compassionate hospice and palliative care to pets in the greater Houston area. We also guide our clients using proven methods of evaluating their pets and family’s quality of life before considering euthanasia. Our focus is to address our client’s concerns for their aging pets, provide exceptional comfort care for senior pets and pets with chronic and/or terminal medical conditions, ensure pets have a dignified quality of life in their final days, and give these pets the peaceful parting they deserve.