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Dr. Jessica Hudspeth is an angel of mercy to this industry. Very thoughtful, punctual, and caring for specific 5-star service. She helped my four-legged daughters cross over in peace yesterday very grateful for her assistance.

Hy Tek

The level of compassion, support, and expertise provided by their team was unparalleled. They guided me through the difficult process with sensitivity and care, ensuring my pet’s comfort and dignity.


Caring Hands Pet Hospice provided compassionate care during a difficult time. Their in-home service was a blessing, allowing my pet to be in a familiar environment. The follow-up and aftercare were exceptional, with grief support resources and regular check-ins. Caring Hands Pet Hospice goes above and beyond, offering unparalleled service and compassion. I highly recommend them for end-of-life care for your beloved pet.
Sarah M.

It is heartbreaking to have to put a beloved, ailing pet to death. Having someone who is nice, attentive, and skilled perform this task at our home made it slightly easier. She was so gracious as we said farewell to our best friend. Very grateful.
Emma R.

The staff showed empathy and kindness, guiding us through the process with care. Even after saying goodbye, their grief counseling services helped us cope with the loss. I highly recommend Caring Hands Pet Hospice for their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional end-of-life care and support. Their compassion made a significant difference during this heartbreaking journey.
Shirlen S

From the minute we made the initial call to the delivery of our pup’s remains, working with Caring Hands Pet Hospice was an utter pleasure. She is the epitome of empathy and conducts herself with consideration, professionalism, and an obvious love for both pets and their owners.

John D.